The national economy knows how to take care of itself, and storm restoration companies in states like Florida are a large contributor to the local economy and employment. But how much does a roofing sales person really make? That is the question on many a salespersons mind that is considering making the switch.

It depends on two primary things.

Mark Craney of Authentic Restoration LLC says, “it depends on two … things . . . the commission and the profitability of the company.” And that’s important because it is one thing to say you want to make more than what a regular W-2 job will pay, and completely another when you have a say in how much you make. forum Participant Jim Jones says, “If you are doing a majority of the work there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to make $1,000.00 per job and often times much more if the file is worked properly.”

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Roofing Salespersons Find and Document Damage


If You Can Train Yourself to Be Disciplined – You Can Write Your Own Ticket

Daniel Cox at the forum is kind enough to provide an infographic that shows a basic template of what it would take to get that result, which Randy says, “The road map to $100K .. . is 6 per month” which is not a very hard target and why many reps surge past that number. In fact, the chart shows that work hours in this is 12 hours a week.

Just Don’t Get Lost in the Money and Remember Its Also About Giving Back

Kerry McIntyre of CW Strickland says that its great money, but don’t forget to give back and that first means giving back to your family for supporting you of course, and to the customers that make it possible for you to enjoy such income. “I see inspections reps crossing over the $120 to 200K line and then sometimes want to end up spending all their time on the beach.”

What is promising is that it’s not only in Florida, but in several states that are in the path of the storms which seem to be ever more frequent. In fact, its really not a matter of can you make $100K. That is established. But how well can you get organized and trained so that when storms hit, you can ride the surge as people need their homes and lives put back together. Which is why giving back is so important!

And guys like Mike Coday, a genuine example of a salesperson that loves the door knocking business, presents a clear and transparent reality that you can enjoy this level of work—to the dismay of the alternatives like working 9 to 5 in some place or getting by on whatever W-2 provides: